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November 30, 2010


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Thanks again for the info and all that you do Stephen.

in reference to the band called 'The Band', Levon Helm, the drummer claims Robbie Robertson takes credit on the songs and albums, telling the guys he'd take care of the financial end of things and pay the guys their due. Helm claims they all wrote the songs...sometimes lyrics, sometimes music, but always together. Whaddya think? Toby

Thanks for the comment Tobias. This is a difficult question. It is almost like "you had to be there". In my experience as a musician the bands I was a member of never had any doubt about this. A member or two would come in with a new song and the whole band would "work it up" for performance. Unless you happened to be the person who brought in the song you never claimed to be a writer. It is like working up a cover song - just because you add your own licks and interpretations for performance purposes doesn't mean you can now claim ownership in that song.

Fantastic post appreciate it

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