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April 04, 2011


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I haven't heard of a label giving any previously independent artist a $750000 advance lately. It just doesn't happen anymore. And you can record and tour so much cheaper than before... those prices aren't necessary. I think the 3 out of 4 for the most part are still disillusioned or lazy. Disillusioned because they want the bragging rights of a label, not understanding that signing with a label does not mean a band has "arrived". Lazy because they think a label will do the work they should be doing.

I'm not saying there are not still many benefits for a band to sign to a label. I am just calling into question the motivation of most bands to do so.

Thanks for the comment Newman. Let me clarify. My friend did not mean that the artist would be given a $750,000 advance. He meant that is the minimum needed to launch a new artist on a national scale - radio, advertising, promotion, radio tour, recording costs, marketing, videos, photo shoots, etc. For most that figure is low. I know my most recent client signing to a major involved over a $1 million being spent to launch the first album. The direct in-pocket artist advance in that particular situation was less than $100,000 (not counting money spent on the artist's behalf for clothing and other "development" costs).

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