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January 18, 2012


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Life / the internet would be terrible if SOPA passes. People pirate for convenience, not because they are bad people. www.HumanFankind.com is proof that there are good people out there, and not to change anything!!!

Thank you for your comment Jerry. From my reading and understanding of the Act there is no threat to the internet nor freedom of speech. All of that is protected. As a matter of fact, the legislation was modified and changed at the request of the large tech companies (the same ones who had the black-out day). The real objections had nothing to do with those who want to steal the works of the creators. The campaign agains SOPA was led by large tech companies (big business) because they did not want to have to go to the expense of telling copyright owners the names of the pirates. If someone broke into your home because it was more convenient than buying what they stole from you the police would be able to get dna hopefully and you would have a chance to recover your goods. SOPA is about requiring internet companies to let the authorities and the content owners know the identities (the "dna") of internet pirates and to assist in stopping the illegal activities. That's all. By the way - how is it any more convenient to steal a digital copy of a movie than it is to purchase a legal copy? And if it is more convenient, since when is that a defense to any criminal or civil offense?

That was an incredible response Steve, I have no rebuttal.. you made some great points. Better ones than I've read in other full articles.

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