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January 25, 2012


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You're describing a very real issue. Problem is, no one's come up with an acceptable and realistic solution. The technology, end-user behavior, and the global non-boundaries that permit the issue have to be considered when determining a solution.

It should be the easiest way possible. Divide the money all the money the illegal websites make with the people who provide the content. Everyone who has songs on any site receives a fair share. I do not mind the founders or owners of a particuliar site making money, but they have to share it with the people who actually do the work..You can look at it like the casino started by American Indians. If you are part of that tribe, you get your share from the income brought in from the casinos. So the songwriters/performers/producers should all receive their fair share.

You cannot avoid the people to just copy anywhere the musics and movies on the internet. I am one of those who have been enjoying the cheap payment to avail the songs and movies.

Marie apparently feels that because she can get away with it then it is ok -- with no regard for the fact that it is both a criminal and a civil offense. Does she feel that way if someone steals from her?

You can't avoid people just copying music and movies on the Internet. I am a people who have enjoyed cheap to pay for songs and movies.

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